Thursday, August 2, 2007

I marvel sometimes how I graduated college

I did something so incredibly dumb last night that I was too embarrassed to tell Jeff after it happened.

"I busted the washing machine. Can you come help me fix it?" I said.

He was lying on the futon mattress, which is on the floor of what will someday be our living room, once it's no longer a warehouse. He came home from a business trip feeling like utter crap.

I had sort of hoped he would just say okay and not ask how. But no such luck.

"Dunno. It just, um, broke." Yeah, right.

So, I had to admit that since the stupid washer takes 7 quarters and I had only taken down 6, I had the bright idea to stick this round disk sitting there in the 7th slot. In my idiot brain, that disk was a special disk that was for using in the laundry machine. I know! I really did graduate from college!

I'm only admitting this here because hardly anyone reads this.

Also, Jeff did manage to rattle the machine hard enough to get it unjammed. So, he is officially my hero. (Not that he wasn't before.)

Just to be on the safe side, Jeff threw the disk behind the machine.

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