Monday, September 13, 2010

The life list, in part

1. Have a really clean apartment all the time.
2. Own a dog.
3. Learn to drive stick shift.
4. Live abroad (again).
5. Be a mother.
6. Get better at cooking through practice.
7. Write a book.
8. Publish a book.
9. Be someone's role model.
10. Be able to say, "I'm a runner" and not inwardly say, "liar" because I don't stick with it.
11. Have toned biceps.
12. Learn to use a sewing machine.
13. Make a cute skirt on the sewing machine.
14. Invest properly.
15. Study French again.
16. Continue to take at least one fabulous trip per year.
17. Live in a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom house/apartment.
18. Run 10 miles.
19. Have a proper bar in said larger living space.
20. Get involved in homebrewing with Jeff and make some delicious beer.
21. Complete the toastmaster's certification and become a competent public speaker.

I'm a pragmatist. All my items are very much attainable. I think some people put things on their lists that are huge stretches, but that seems to be setting yourself up for failure.