Saturday, October 18, 2008

#58 Bruce

You were a chauvinist but you treated me kindly. I think you felt a little fatherly toward me. You probably thought I was without ambition. Really I just didn't belong in PR.

Monday, October 13, 2008

#56 Brian

You seemed so old when we met at my first real job. You were younger than I am now. I email you every few years. You write back excitedly once each time.

It's almost my birthday again and I didn't finish this yet. I guess I will keep going with 32 words to keep all the entries the same. Here's to finishing the list this year!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cat spit: not prescribed

Booie is the most pathetic looking creature right now. She has to wear an Elizabethan collar for a few days to allow her incision to heal without her "helping" by licking it. Her assistance was causing it to get all inflamed and irritated and the stitches were disolving sooner than they should have.

I took her to the vet last night for her 2 week check-up and the vet took out a few of the stitches, which lead to some bleeding. I'm not sure why exactly. I suppose because of her licking and not allowing the wound to heal properly.

There was a fair bit of fluid build-up underneath the skin as well. The vet stuck in a syringe and sucked it out. Two vials full. I was not grossed out at all. I was actually quite fascinated. But around that time, the room got very hot, my face got sweaty, and I really needed to sit down.

The vet said the cavity would most likely fill up with fluid again because that's what a body does if a lot of flesh is removed. I wonder how come he didn't put in a drain, although I'm sure if she had a drain, she would really have been messing with that. As long as her skin does not balloon up, he said it's fine. He can drain it again next week, if need be, when we go back again.

Thankfully, this awesome vet does not charge for the check-up visits, only for the meds. Have I mentioned how much I love Dr. Mammas and the Bayonne clinic? I love them so much.

With the collar on, she can't go under the bed or under her favorite wing chair or get in the litter box (I took off the cover). Last night, she ignored me when I said, "bedtime!" to her. She always follows me when I say that and comes for her few minutes of snuzzling up under my chin and then she curls up at the end of the bed until morning when she comes for more snuzzling right before my alarm goes off.

She sat on the couch last night, looking very dejected, and not looking at me when I called. I suppose she eventually laid down and went to sleep. She appeared on the bed at 6am wanting to snuzzle and she clocked me in the face with her collar.

My poor baby. When I saw how pathetic she looked with the collar on, I took it off, but when Jeff heard the diagnosis, he said she has to wear it. He's a strict cat dad. I hope to find a soft version at the pet store tonight so she's not so incapacitated and is able to eat with it on. She barely ate anything this morning before we put it back on her and had to leave for work.