Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is Halifax

There are two great candy stores here. I am such a sucker for "exotic" candy.

We have tried a number of local brews. None have blown my socks off but these are decent: Garrison Nut Brown, Stout and Amber; Propeller Pale, Porter and Pumpkin and others I'm forgetting right now. 

There are a couple of upscale, classy seafood restaurants here. Both The Press Club and Five Fishermen are excellent. Plus 5 Fish has a daily oyster happy hour where oysters are a dollar a piece. We tool advantage both days. What? Oysters are great. 

They are not bathrooms or restrooms or ladies rooms. They are wash rooms. 

There is a bit of a club atmosphere late at night on weekends but mostly everywhere is fairly casual. That is not to say that people look like they just walked in from working in the fields. People are for the most part nicely dressed. I'm glad that Jeff and I tend to not wear jeans and look especially casual on vacation because we wandered in to The Press Gang last night without a reservation. I like being able to fit in to most situations on trips so a lot of black is key. 

There's a sort of doner kebab here called a donair which is pronounced like the Don in Don Draper. I have not had that sort of thing in years so I can't say I'm an expert. But it was really good. We went to King of Donair. 

Poutine is fairly prevalent but it's made with mozzarella not cheese curds. This is not bad but I would really prefer the real thing. 

In the public garden (which was built in  the 1870s) there is no jogging, marrying or pets. No jogging??