Monday, October 29, 2007

#3 Adam

So, yes, already on day 3 I failed. But see! This is what happened. I got stuck in the airport for 8 hours on Friday and so in my boredom I used down more than half the battery on Rover. And by Sunday morning I only had 20% battery left and it was in the red. So, I did not want to load up the list of 365 lest it die because I had not synced to my computer in a long while and I would lose a good chunk of my 365 list if the battery died. And then, yeah, I totally forgot to do the entry when I got home last night. Oops.

Our moms met in the hospital when we were born. That might have been all we had in common. You came to my college a year after me and you hated it.

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