Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Remembering with food

A sizable little crowd came over on Memorial Day, including four kids and a dog. The following items were grilled: hotdogs, veggie dogs of various flavors, Bratwursts, veggie patties of various flavors, turkey burger sliders and hamburger sliders, corn on the cob, onion slices, sauerkraut (on a piece of tin foil).

I decided to do sliders because the problem at BBQs is often that I want to try different things, but one burger fills me all the way up. My dad advised cooking them over a high flame (not that we are skilled enough in the grilling arts to control the flame or the height thereof), but I attempted to follow his advice.

My mom advised adding to the turkey burgers: mayo, finely chopped onion, and herbs. I added oregano and parsley flakes. She warned me that turkey burgers are bland, but I have to say that with her additions, they were delicious. Cheddar cheese and mustard help, too.

Our guests seemed impressed by the fact that I had made the burgers "by hand," ie, not bought the pre-formed disks. My dad makes the best burgers, hands down, and he makes them by hand, so I feel that is the only way to go if you're serious about burgers. To the hamburgers, he adds Worsestershire (or however you spell it), lemon juice, salt and pepper. I forgot the lemon juice this time, but it is a good thing to add.

We were a wee bit pressed for time before this party, as we often are before our parties, so some things got left by the wayside that we should have done, such as cutting up a pineapple and cutting the grass. I hope no one got any ticks or anything.


Jennifer said...

Penzey's 4S Seasoned salt is, hands down, my favorite way to season burgers, turkey or otherwise. I make the patties without adding anything, sprinkle it on both sides, and grill. They taste like you labored over them, but all it takes is a little sprinkle., if you haven't experienced the wonderfulness that is Penzeys.

Mim said...

oh my goodness, Penzey's has just opened a shop in my neighborhood. I can walk there, must go check it out. Maybe it'd be good on salmon cakes. You bbq looks fun. We didn't do anything.

craige said...

I love Penzys! I got stocking stuffers from there for everyone in my family last year -- exotic vanilla for my mom, exotic chili powder for Jeff, dried ginger for my dad.

I didn't know they had storefronts, though. How exciting! The smell inside would be pretty intense, I'd think.

I'll have to check out this 4S salt.