Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The artist's way is not my way

I started reading a book called The Artist's Way that prescribed doing “morning pages” every morning upon waking. At first it seemed like a good way to get back to writing, but it's not this kind of writing that I have trouble with. I could write in a journal all day long. There's always more to blather on about. 

I attempted to do the pages for a couple weeks (not very successfully) and then came to the conclusion that I really despise writing longhand and that forcing myself to journal upon waking is pointless.

I thought that book would be the key to getting back into working on my novel. But since it's not specifically for writers, I don't think it would. I have three books on writing coming soon. Maybe one of those will get me going. I submitted some random pages to my online critique group over a month ago, got great feedback, and then didn't write a single new word. I wish I could figure out why I did that. I guess positive reinforcement doesn't spur me on? But negative reinforcement doesn't either... 


Carrie said...

I'm surprised to hear you say that you didn't think that book was helpful as a writer; I've had it for years and love it. Keep writing. Keep at it. Maybe nighttime is better for your biorhythms?

Craige Moore said...

I just really hate writing longhand, I guess? I've been writing on a device since before I even had a smart phone. I had a Palm way back when and I had a tiny fold-up keyboard that I would use to write on there. Now that I have an iphone, I do most all of my writing on there. It sounds weird in theory, but it works for me.