Saturday, November 24, 2007

No culture shock yet

We arrived in Mumbai last night. We were not at all tired, so we went to the hotel bar/restaurant where we ate the best Indian food I'd ever had: malai kofta: bigger and softer than at home & paneer tikka masala, which for now anyway is my new fave Indian dish.

Our room is by no means luxury,but there is TP. The shower is a faucet next to the toilet. We had a hotel room like that in Brussels, but much bigger.

The cars and the geese honk incessantly.


sidewaysrain said...

I had culture shock the first night! Kevin says he was ok the first day. I am happy to hear from you and I know you are going to have a great experience and you will do better than I did (I got too hung up on doing the "right" thing and then I finally realized it's pretty much fine to do whatever you want).

Donna said...

um. i guess we haven't chatted much lately, but i am so jealous. sorry for no caps. one handed baby typing.

craige said...

Haha, I understand. Sometimes I do one-handed cat typing.

The only thing I know for sure that I probably did wrong was when I went to our hotel restaurant to buy a big bottle of water. It cost 30 rupees (less than a dollar). I started to give the guy 10 rupees tip and that seemed like so little so I gave him 10 more and then I realized how stupid that was, giving more than a 50% tip. Oh well.