Monday, March 24, 2008

Goodbye, ugly and unflattering clothes

Items in my closet/drawers that I have finally decided it is time to part with:

-turtleneck sweaters (most of them, anyway)
-the older versions of the items which I have bought to replace older versions
-black boots with 2-inch heel that I no longer wear because I have a flat version (see previous)
-brown boots (same case as above)
-pale yellow silk flats with embroidered butterflies from Chinatown (cute but don't match a single thing I have owned in the several years I have owned them)
-wooly white sweaters (Two of them! They were presents, as if that excuses hideous fashion.)
-a few pairs of black shoes (namely ones I have not worn this year or last year. See note above about getting rid of former versions of replaced items. No longer need older versions! Very unlikely I will need less nice black flats for traipsing through a mud-slide when, if there were no mud, I'd be wearing the nicer pair.)
-as much as possible of the items which I classify as "to be worn on the weekend" (but which are in fact ugly). Unless they are items to be worn to bed (those get a pass), these items need to GO.
-I'm on the fence about shirts that are too tight or have a stain but which are good for wearing under sweaters. Because, what if I get hot? Then I'm stuck. I need new t-shirts -- ones that fit and ones that are stain-free.

I declare this spring the season of dressing with more pizazz.


Jennu said...

You make a good point about the stained shirts. I'd been planning on knitting a sweater/shrug specifically designed to cover the stains on a couple of my favorite t-shirts. But the universe would undoubtedly smite me with warm weather and I'd end up flashing the stains.

Oh well, maybe my latest round of attempted stain removal worked and solved the problem for me.

alena said...

Donate the old stuff to charity. Then you can shop guilt-free!!

craige said...

Of course I donate to charity! What else would I do with old stuff?