Monday, March 31, 2008

Home improvement

Good lord, I have so many projects that I need to do. Here are just a few of them:

1. Move bowls off of rack that is next to garbage can and into pantry and move things we don't eat off of onto rack (or things kept in boxes). Having to wash a bowl before using it is tiresome. That area is exceedingly dusty for some reason.

2. Paint dining room slash dressing room slash library room the lovely shade of blue for which we bought paint in July and which is sitting in our basement. Although we can hold off on this for a while since Jeff expertly covered up our paint test area with a Rogue sign yesterday. Now we will no longer be reminded on a daily basis what color that room ought to be (which is not actually that particular shade of blue, either).

3. Hang curtains (Ha! This is amusing. We have lived there for 8 months and we still only have one curtain, which is in the bathroom.)

4. Hang poster that is over the sink higher and then hang shelf thing underneath is. Put spices on shelf thing.

5. Switch location of pepper and artichoke paintings with location of old timey ads (in kitchen).

6. Drill some holes in the wall beneath pass-thru to figure out where the studs are.

7. Find drill.

8. Hang more shelves all around apt., esp. in bedroom. My plan is to do away with the bedside bookcase I have currently and instead just have some shelves next to the bed (Since the room is very small, I expect this will look good. But ref. #5 re: what I am able to envision before doing something and how it actually turns out. A: not well.)

9. Procure more shelves.

10. Take ill-fitting clothes to Goodwill.

11. Watch TV.

Things which absolutely must be accomplished before my parents come over on Friday, May 9:
3, 4, 5

Things which absolutely have to be accomplished this weekend because my dad needs that info ASAP:
6, 7

Things which I have full intention of doing this weekend:
1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10. But most likely, a lot of #11.


bluesleepy said...

It took me AT LEAST two years to get curtains up in our house in WA. We have curtains up here only because I was shamed into it; all the other tenants who have been here just a few weeks had curtains up, and I felt like such a slug. But I still don't have anything more exciting than the vertical blinds on the front window that they installed the day we moved in.

carina said...
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