Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fatty lump

I am a bad cat owner. I noticed a lump under Booie's armpit maybe two months ago. There were Saturdays when we could have gone to the vet, but we would forget and go do other things. Then I realized it had grown a bit. And so this morning, first thing, we took her to the vet.

"Oh, that's not good," the vet said, as soon as she felt the lump. Probably mammary cancer, she said. But maybe a benign cyst, she added, probably because tears sprung to my eyes and I said pitifully, "Ohhhh Booie..."

The vet then whisked Booie off to a back room to biopsy the lump. We find out on Wednesday or Thursday what plagues her.

The vet also said Booie's fur looks slightly matted. I know already that letting up on the grooming is a bad sign, but I do not believe she has let up on the grooming. She said because she sees 2 dozen cats a day she knows cats. But she has never met Booie.


Mim said...

Oh I do hope that your cat is okay. Thinking of you.

alena said...

The best thing about pets is that they fill our lives with love and purpose but the worst thing is that they never live long enough. Almost all of my pets have gotten cancer and in fact one of our older birds is showing signs now. Sometimes I think they absorb all the negative and toxic energies around us so we can be happier. I think they protect us while they are alive and even after they are gone. I also believe they greet you on the other side, just like they did every other time you came home.