Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Being alone

I didn't plan to do anything in particular while Jeff was away and certainly not in particular anything that I enjoy doing specifically alone.

However, last night, I found myself reading while listening to the radio at 11pm. I turned it on at 9 because I remembered hearing on Morning Edition about the NY Philharmonic playing in N. Korea and then I just left it on. At 11 a program came on that I used to always listen to when I lived alone, New Sounds. Sometimes the music is pretty weird, but often it's great.

I relished listening to it. It's no fault of Jeff's that he doesn't enjoy listening to the radio the way I do. I'm sure he will say that he does too enjoy the radio. (But he never, ever turns it on himself, which, I repeat, is NOT a fault, just the way he is.) Alls I'm sayin is that I never ever would have been sitting in the living room at 11pm listening to WNYC if Jeff were home. And I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Not because Jeff was away. I just enjoyed it in and of itself. I hope that makes sense.

As for the concert in N. Korea, it was just like most any classical concert. What was more interesting was listening to interviews with the musicians this morning. One woman was moved to tears by the experience.

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