Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No words

I am still in shock that this weekend I went to CA and met 11 women who I only knew via the internet (plus 2 I already know in person but who I originally met online). I kissed cats who I never thought I'd ever see except in photos. I ate at restaurants I thought I'd only ever read about. I spent time in houses I was sure I'd only ever hear about. It was an incredibly surreal feeling to walk into Catie and Tracy's houses and feel like I'd been there before, except only in a dream (or in photos, as the case may be).

I already was crazy about Catie, but to meet her husband was a treat. And I love him, too. He has that dry wit going on and he was totally not overwhelmed (at least as far as I could tell) by a room full of giggly broads.

The weekend started out as a suggestion tossed out as an idea for people to go to San Jose to celebrate Catie's 40th birthday with her. Within hours, people were purchasing their plane tickets and figuring out who would room with whom. I still get a little teary-eyed when I think about how excited everyone was about going and about seriously how much fun we all had.

Today is Catie's actual birthday. Happy birthday to my wonderful friend, Catie! You are truly an exceptional person and my life is so much richer with you in it. I hope you know how much we all appreciate all the trouble you went to this past weekend to put together an amazing mingling of some of the most awesome women in the universe.

ps - I turned off comment moderation, so no one should have trouble commenting now.


Eva said...

And by "anyone" you mean me? Awesome. I LOVED meeting you, Craige--you are even funnier and more interesting than I had anticipated.

craige said...

Yes, mostly for you (and my friend Matt), but also for anyone else who was being rejected. No rejection allowed on my blog!

I so loved meeting you, too! I think I forgot to ask you approx. 79 questions, but you are probably glad I didn't give you the 3rd degree.

I still am a little bit in doubt that we actually met.

Anonymous said...

You totally made me cry AGAIN. Thank you for the wonderful words. I hope tomorrow I stop crying.

Andrea said...

I am so happy we finally met. Kind of stunned a little that the weekend actually happened, actually, and SO GLAD it did.

Mim said...

This is amazing. How wonderful that you could do this, oh the power of friendship.