Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A mystery

Things that are in my desk drawers at work, in no particular order (ie, that they are tossed in there all willy-nilly):

-multiple half-eaten gourmet chocolate bars (Don't ask. I tired of them for some reason. But you can't throw away a gourmet chocolate bar.)
-lots and lots of tea, loose and pre-bagged (I don't mean loose in the drawer. Loose in their bags.)
-zinc tablets
-cookies that are more than a year old but which still are not in the least bit stale
-a caribeaner/flashlight
-a fortune cookie
-napkins (both sorts)
-photos of my parents' dogs
-cough drops
-a breakfast cookie
-a newspaper article on vegetarian travel tips from 2005 that seems to only cover rural VA
-a rock sugar-coated swizzle stick
-a piece of tinfoil, folded up (from a sandwich brought from home long, long ago)

Things that are supposed to be in my desk drawers at work, but for whatever reason, I cannot locate at this juncture:

-batteries for the podcast recorder


EnduranceGuru said...

Is that a ganja smoking Caribeaner with a flashlight in your drawer?

craige said...

I know I spelled it wrong, but I was too lazy to look it up. You know what I meant!

Kate said...

Perhaps you want to edit the post to indicate that was a NON-MICROWAVEABLE breakfast cookie?