Thursday, January 10, 2008

From London, with dread

I'm here for work and I can't say I'm having a ball (too much work stuff). Jeff has arrived so I should perk up for his sake.

In London they call all Indian food curry (which I knew already). I was told that a curry is anything in a sauce. And tandoori is just dry curry. British business people go out to drink and then for a curry. I am intrigued by this because if you took a group of coworkers in the US, half of them wouldn't like curry and at least one would probably never have had it.

Also a big thing now is Thai food served in bars. A coworker here said that it's because it was cheaper to hire Thai cooks and they cooked what they knew and then it became a fad. That soesnt seem like the soundest theory to me because there are plenty of cooks in restaurants cooking food that is not from their country. Anyway we were running out of options tonight because it was 9pm, so we opted for bar Thai. It wasn't half bad.

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Jennu said...

I read that the first curry shop opened in the UK in the 19th century. Soldiers went to India for the Empire and developed a taste of indian food. They then returned to the UK and wanted to eat indian food, so it's been part of british cuisine since Victorian times.