Saturday, January 12, 2008


Again we nearly missed a meal (lunch today) by getting to it late. I would have gotten a fish & chips, but we're in the quite posh neighborhood of Belgravia (near Kensington) at a hard-to-find pub on a mews (the fact that it is quite hidden has no bearing on the price, just the complete lack of tourists in an otherwise touristy area). So I instead got the fried fish sandwich. And it was delicious.

Some British names that amuse us include: Cockfosters, Tooting, Turnham Green, St. John's Wood, Wapping, Cockspur. I mentioned Turnham Green to my British coworker and he did not see the humor.

Every time I see the letters TO LET, I think ther is a letter missing from the space.

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Mim said...

I will never again see the sign
"to let" in the same way. Ha ha ha, thanks for that one!