Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More about London

I have noticed this before and am still intrigued by it. Europeans seem to have nothing against wearing brown shoes with a black outfit.

London has delicious yogurt. Hooray for European yogurt. This morning I had a pear one. For a long time I was disgsted by fruit bits being in my yogurt, but I appreciate it now -- in a good yogurt.

There are no express trains. We are spoiled in that regard, I think. Do any other cities have them?


Donna said...

Perhaps it's because they have such good quality shoes and they aren't afraid to pay for them.

Trains? What's a train?

Oh, we'll be strapping on the baby, too. I need to turn in her passport application!

craige said...

So, their shoes are so expensive, they can't afford a brown AND a black pair?