Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some things about London before bed

I hate English water. It all tastes like Volvic, which I hate for its taste and its name.

I ate mushrooms both nights I have been here. Willingly. I know. The world has probably stopped spinning.

My hair likes the rainy British weather. My boss said, "you changed your hair!" I bet she thinks I got a perm.

I really realize what I miss by not having any immediate colleagues in my office -- or my country. Makes me a bit sad to see the commraderie in the UK office.

I went to a pub for dinner by myself tonight. I sort of hoped I'd meet some nice people to chat with (like Jen always does). And I did! Also, I ate Isle of Wight crab on toast (delicious, by the way) and thought of Stuart.


Donna said...

You're a crazy traveler! I am so jealous. Some day you'll have babies and I'll giggle at you. Is Jeff with you?

Mim said...

I found you! I thought I'd lost "you." London? When did this happen? Weren't you just in India?

craige said...

Haha, yes. We've been timing our vacations with our business trips so that we only have to pay for one plane ticket and not pay for the hotel at all. It's a good way to travel, although cannot really be scheduled.