Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bruges Beertje gives us the royal treatment

On our last night in Brugge we had multiple bars we wanted to visit. But one after the other we found to be closed (a party, renovation, day off, etc.). I was getting more and more depressed and the 10 miles we walked today was not helping me feel any more excited about going to one more.

So instead of walking to any more probably closed places, we went back to Bruges Beertje and got a fabulous interview with the darling owner.

And then, oh what a way to end our stay. She brought out a sherry glass of 20-year-old Gouden Carolus, which had aged so incredibly well. And THEN a 20-year-old Westmalle tripel, also aged to perfection, like a white port. Both were found in her colleague's grandfather's cellar. Finally, they shared with us a '91 Guiness. If only all Guiness tasted that good -- chocolatey and robust. Such a treat. I was almost teary eyed when we left.

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