Monday, April 21, 2008

from Brugge

The stairs in our hotel are so narrow. We have to hang on for dear life going up and down. There is no running back up if we forgot something.

Last night we splurged and went to a fancy place called den Dijver where they cook with beer and do tasting menus with beer pairings. Only one of the beers was new to us, but having a beer and food tasting combo alone was excitement enough. I started with a Champagne and hops cocktail (the hops were very light). I loved the ingenuity of that mix. The best part of the meal, in my opinon, was the white asparagus with a diced egg sauce and smoked salmon (very traditional and the asparagus was so succulent).

We also decided that on every trip from now on we should research and book reservations at an upscale restaurant that specializes in local cuisine.


Inane said...

I think you are there just in time for white aspargus season... eat LOTS!

craige said...

We were indeed! Both Germany and Belgium had special asparagus menus at almost every restaurant we went to. I had it nearly every day of our vacation.