Monday, April 7, 2008

Ode to alcohol

Rum and coke at the party my whole class attended a few months before high school graduation. I didn't know what to drink, so someone offered it to me because it's what one drank. I didn't like it.

Sips of my mom's vodka & tonics that she trusted me to make for her. I didn't really like the taste, but in college, this was my drink of choice for a while, for lack of knowing any other drinks and because it seemed classy.

Straight vodka from a plastic water bottle while sitting on the Exorcist steps with Emmy, shortly after high school graduation.

Fancy, fancy Champagne at a fancy, fancy venue in DC, dancing and dancing and spinning and spinning. Age 18.

Stocking my freshman dorm fridge with Zima for a party with my then best friend Stephen.

A very minty and delicious $12 Mojito in a hotel bar with Jen. Thinking I had crossed a threshold into adult drinks that cost twice as much as a decent lunch.

Blind taste testing Proseccos with my parents and Kate, several months before my wedding, in my parents' kitchen.

Sharing our first batch of homemade beer with my parents on the dock at the creek, watching the sun go down.

First taste of Westvletern with Beth, New Year's Eve several years ago. And Jeff with the book open on how to savor it.

Saying to each other, what the hell, let's get the one called "end of the world" and in that first sip, experiencing a whole new world that would, not to be trite, lead us around the world in search of many, many more amazing beers.

Happy 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition.

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