Sunday, April 6, 2008


We've had two bamboo shades for five years. I bought them early on in Hoboken, but they were not dark enough for our bedroom, said Jeff. So, under the bed they went. They transferred nicely to under the bed in our new place.

We've lived here 8 months now, so I figured it was high time I hung a shade or two. I located the electric drill and the box of drill bits. That was after locating another box of ratchety things. After examining them I determined that they were not drill bits nor were they for use with the drill. This was not readily apparent to me.

I could not figure out how to get a bit into the drill. I called my dad; no answer. So, I asked an upstairs neighbor. He wasn't sure either, but some sixth sense told him to twist and sure enough, that was the trick.

"I feel so handy now!" he said. Ha. The tenant between him and us has piles of tile in front of his apartment door. He moved in 3 months ago and he's already re-doing the tile. Show off. I'm glad I asked the top floor neighbor. Handy neighbor probably would have laughed at me.

I successfully hung one bamboo shade in the kitchen and then stood back to admire my work. I lowered and raised the shade.

Whew. That's enough work for today.

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