Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bye Brugge

On our way out of Brugge we made two final stops: chocolate and de Bier Temple.

We have no idea how come the Good Beer Guide to Belgium didn't mention the Temple, but it was well worth a stop. We procured two Westvleteren 12s for a hefty 6.50 euros each. But considering how much harder it is to buy a case now, we were happy to pay it. When we were in Belgium 2.5 years ago, we just drove up to the abbey and bought. Now you have to make an appt. and you're lucky if you can get through when calling.

We are now sitting in a beer hall in Koln, drinking Kolsch. It's no Belgian ale, but they do have a wonderful white asparagus soup. Oop! Here is my crispy pig!

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