Saturday, April 26, 2008

Germany: pro/con

I am fairly certain now that German fashion (at least in Cologne & Dusseldorf) is hideous. The good news about that is that I did not spend any money frivolously.

The best outfit I have seen was a woman wearing minuscule hot pants with a garter and stockings under them. Second best was a 2-piece midriff-baring leopard print affair. I got a photo of that one.

The one thing I do appreciate here is the gelato stands everywhere. Everyone eats it out of sugar cones so I don't have to feel like a kid asking for one. I'm not even sure they have cups. You probably have to ask for those. I don't understand why anyone would prefer a cup when walking anyway. Also they sell an honest to goodness single scoop for a euro or even 80 eurocents. I hate how in the US a single not only costs about $4 but is really 3 scoops. A single scoop is often just what I need.

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